Conveying – from A to B

Our mechanical and pneumatic conveying solutions are suitable for a wide range of bulk material applications:

  • Mechanical conveying:
    • Screw systems
    • Spiral conveyor systems
    • Belt conveyor systems
    • Oscillating conveyors
  • Pneumatic conveying:
    • Vacuum conveying
    • Pressure conveying
    • Plug or dense phase conveying


from<1 Kg>to 30 t/h

Apparent density:

from 0.02 to 6 kg/l

Grain size:

from 1 µm to 25 mm

Raw material:

from organic to inorganic

or individually to suit the customer's requirements.

Exemplary raw materials range

Mineral additives

Organic additives

Colour pigments


Isopthalic acid


Barium sulfate


Flame retardant


Typical applications

Mechanical conveying

Pneumatic conveying

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